Truck UK is a privately owned and family operated independent company, providing road transport industry best practice compliance assessments and audits; digital and analogue tachograph records processing and analysis; driver and management training, as well as total compliance packages.

The services provided by Truck UK are designed to assist every type and and every size of business in complying with the obligations that they entered into with the Traffic Commissioner when their operator licence was initially granted, whether that be a restricted or a standard licence.  Our specialist knowledge and hands-on experience of operating commercial vehicles provides us with an understanding of just what is expected and required to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner, while at the same time always being aware that it’s vital that a compliant operator is also a profitable operator.

We enter into retained client contracts with restricted and standard licence holders, although we do not provide transport managers to be designated on standard licences.

If you believe that our services may be of benefit to you, contact Truck UK for a confidential, no obligation, discussion or meeting, by sending an e-mail to and leave some basic information about the type of business you’re running and what you are looking for and we will contact you, with absolutely no obligation to take up our services. We do not employ sales people, nor do we use any form of third party telesales. So, when you contact Truck UK you only ever deal with compliance specialists.

 “improving compliance ………… while reducing costs”

Independent Maintenance Systems, Maintenance Documentation and Vehicle Inspection Audits 

Our business at Truck UK is based on a reputation of providing the highest quality independent maintenance systems, maintenance documentation and vehicle inspection audits, accepted as satisfactory and suitable to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner’s.

If the operator has one central administration/establishment address, where all the relevant records are stored and available, this service normally takes approximately one day on-site and another half a day off-site, with the operator incurring a fee of £469.00 + VAT (£93.80). When an operator has multiple authorised operating centres on the licence, or they are a a multiple licence holder (MLH), that need to be visited and records are not centrally located, a further fee may be charged to cover additional travelling time, but this will always be discussed and agreed with the client before the service contract is entered into. 

The fee you are quoted by us is the total amount that you will pay for this service, irrespective of any issues that may arise, thereby giving the operator a figure to plan and budget for. All quoted fees must be paid before the audit takes place.

Before an audit visit is carried out the operator is provided with a four page audit guidelines document (updated September 2018 version), so that the operator knows what we will be looking to see and why.

We guarantee that our audit procedure always provide the operator with a worthwhile independent systems check, carried out by an informed, experienced and knowledgeable auditor. The written report you receive contains specific findings and also information and details that should assist the operator assess their compliance levels and their existing practice and procedures. Our audit is written by the auditor that visits you and not produced from a standard template with meaningless graphs and a one line ‘satisfactory’ or ‘unsatisfactory’ response to the areas considered.  Our written report normally extends to at least 20 pages of information, facts and recommendations for the future.

We guarantee that our audit report will always increase the overall understanding of the levels of compliance that have been achieved, as well as what, if anything, can be done to improve the position for the future and just as importantly, how this can be achieved.

For further information e-mail:  and leave your contact details (contact name; company name; size of fleet and basic information on why you need the audit) and we will contact you by return e-mail with further information, within twenty four hours. As is always the case when dealing with Truck UK, an enquiry does not commit you to use our services and no one who contacts us is ever called back, unless we are invited to do so.

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Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC) – one day

To assist operators to keep up to date and compliant we provide a one-day Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC) that is available from various locations across East Anglia throughout 2019 at a cost per attendee of £225.00 + VAT (£45.00) and £175.00 + VAT (£35.00) for each additional delegate from the same operator, as well as ‘in-company’ presentations of the course at a location provided by the operator or prospective operator, to up to five delegates for a single day rate fee of £595.00 + VAT (this is a single fee covering one days attendance for up to five delegates, potentially breaking down to a fee per delegate of only £119.80 + VAT). The ‘in-house’ course can be provided on a date and at a venue provided by and to suit the operator, anywhere within mainland Great Britain.  However, please be aware that the course fee is £595.00 + VAT (£119.00), irrespective as to whether one delegate or the full five attend, payable in advance by the operator or prospective operator that books the course.

Attendance will ensure that all your management team understand what the obligations of holding an operator licence entail and that directors named on the licence are under no illusion as to the levels of responsibility and accountability they have committed to.

The course and the structure we provide is particularly popular with operators’ that have entered into an undertaking with the Traffic Commissioner to refresh their knowledge of their operator licence obligations. Attendance is relevant to directors, partners, sole traders and all supervisory staff. As this course is a CILT accredited short course, members can gain CPD credits for 5.5 hours by attending this course.

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Please note that this course is not a Driver CPC approved periodic training course, as it has been designed and produced with operators and transport manager responsibilities covered in depth, focussing on matters raised on the day, which cannot be provided within the strict time constraints laid down when a JAUPT course is presented and to the NVQ level 2 that JAUPT standards must be set against.

If you need to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner, to either ensure that you are granted an operators’ licence, or after you have attended a preliminary hearing or following being called up to public inquiry, we can provide the appropriate course and certificates to independently confirm this.

Transport Managers (Standard Licence) / Responsible Persons (Restricted Licence) – Two Day Transport Manager Awareness Course

We work closely with transport managers who have been nominated on standard licences and also with persons with responsibility for continuous and effective management of the transport of an authorised restricted licence.  It is essential that persons in this role ensure that their knowledge of the industry we’re involved in and the many rules and regulations we must comply with are understood.

An increasingly popular in-house course that we provide is the two-day Transport Manager Awareness/Refresher Course that is available to individuals by attending an open course within East Anglia at various locations for a fee of £375.00 + VAT (£75.00) per delegate and £325.00 + VAT (£65.00) for each additional delegate from the same operator, or alternatively at a venue supplied by an operator for up to five delegates (for a single fee of £895.00 + VAT covering two days attendance for up to five delegates, which equates to £179.00 + VAT per delegate for a two day management training course). Attendance at this course is again suitable to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner at a preliminary hearing or at public inquiry.

The course covers every aspect of the responsibilities and obligations of managing a goods vehicle operator licence in detail, with particular focus on ‘continuous and effective management of the transport’.

Please note that this course is not a Driver CPC approved  periodic training course and attendance will not count or be registered against vocational driving licences. It is a management course that has been structured to ensure operators’ and transport managers understand their obligations to the Traffic Commissioners’ when a licence is to be or has already been granted and it is presented to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be involved and we believe it is not possible to provide a top quality management course that must keep to strict time constraints.

It is expected by the Traffic Commissioner’s that persons in a transport management role ensure their knowledge is up to date and attending either or both of the above courses is an excellent way of confirming this. Attendance at a two-day refresher course by designated transport managers and responsible persons is something that is now expected, to ensure compliance knowledge is kept up to date. This is now stated within the Senior Traffic Commissioners Statutory Document No 3 – Transport Managers that is available to view and/or download at:  STC STAT. DOC. NO 3.

Tailored management and driver training  – focussed on quality of content, rather than time spent in the classroom

Should your operation be such that a specially tailored bespoke training course would be of benefit to you we would be keen to help.  We have recently put together a series of ‘understanding and awareness’ courses that run for no more than two hours per session that have been taken up by several well known restricted licence holders, to enable them to both induct and refresh their staff on important aspects of operator licence compliance.

Driver CPC Course Dates 2109

As we get ever closer to 9th September 2019, those professional, vocational drivers’ granted acquired rights in September 2009 must have completed their second batch of 35 hours of approved Driver CPC periodic training by 9th September 2019, if they intend to remain employed as large goods vehicle drivers’ after then.

Truck UK continues to provide ‘in-house’ courses for retained clients, as well as open to all courses at least once a month.  By following the link in the heading above you will be able to see the most up to date list of our Driver CPC courses during 2019, which will be updated regularly throughout the year, although all but one course (Sunday 14th April 2019 with four spaces left at 16th March 2019) are fully booked up until July 2019.

We are always available to carry out a free training needs analysis to existing and prospective client companies. Contact Steve Williams to arrange a no obligation meeting, to go through your own particular requirements, by e-mailing