Based on the border of East Anglia and the East Midlands, Truck UK is an independent organisation that provides road transport industry best practice compliance assessments and audits; digital and analogue tachograph records processing and analysis, using the tachomaster software system and ‘in-house’ and ‘open-to-all’ goods vehicle operator management and driver training, as well as a whole host of other services and supplies that focus on improving operator licence compliance, while at the same time reducing standing and running costs.

Truck UK provides compliance services that are  designed to assist all types and size of goods vehicle operator in complying with the obligations that they have entered into with the Traffic Commissioner when the licence was granted, whether that be a restricted or a standard licence.  Our specialist knowledge and hands-on experience of operating commercial goods vehicles provides us with a unique understanding of just what is expected and required to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner, while at the same time being aware that it’s important that a compliant operator also needs to be a profitable operator.

Whether it’s a one-off service that’s needed to sort out a specific compliance issue, or a long term support package is needed and a retained client agreement is entered into, we can help.

We have ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions that can be introduced as and when required, or we can put together bespoke practice and procedure packages that will be tailored to your own individual requirements.

If you believe that our services may be of benefit to you contact Truck UK for a confidential, no obligation, discussion or meeting, by ringing on FREEPHONE 0800 644 87 87 or e-mail and leave some basic information about what you’re looking for and we will contact you, with absolutely no obligation to take up our services. We do not employ sales people, nor do we use any form of tele-sales or ever invest in advertising campaigns.  At Truck UK you will only ever deal with compliance service providers, never with sales people. 

Truck UK is totally focussed on improving operator compliance, while at the same time reducing operator costs.

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“improving compliance ………… while reducing costs”

Independent Maintenance Systems, Maintenance Documentation and Vehicle Inspection Audits 

All our business at Truck UK comes from our reputation of providing the highest quality independent maintenance systems, maintenance documentation and vehicle inspection audits, accepted as satisfactory and suitable to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner’s.

If the operator has one central administration/establishment address, where all the relevant records are stored and available, this service normally takes approximately one day on-site and approximately another half a day off-site, producing the written report and in such circumstances the fee would be a maximum of £455.00 + VAT. When an operator has multiple authorised operating centres on the licence that need to be visited and records are not centrally located a further nominal fee may be charged to cover additional travelling time, but this will always be discussed and agreed with the client before the service contract is entered into. 

The fee you are quoted by us is the total amount that you will pay for this service, irrespective of any issues that may arise, thereby giving the operator a figure to budget for. We guarantee that our audit procedure always provides the operator with a worthwhile independent systems check, carried out by an informed, experienced and knowledgeable auditor. The written report you receive contains specific findings and also information and details that should assist the operator assess their compliance levels and their existing practice and procedures. There will not just be graphs and a one line ‘satisfactory’ or ‘unsatisfactory’ statement against each area checked.  Our written report normally extends to at least 20 pages of information, facts and recommendations for the future.

We guarantee that our audit report will always increase the overall understanding of the levels of compliance that have been achieved, as well as what, if anything, can be done to improve the position for the future and just as importantly, how this can be achieved.

For further information FREEPHONE 0800 644 87 87 and ask to speak to Steve Williams, who is the person who carries out all operator audits and assessments and will be your point of contact throughout the process, should you decide to take up our service.

Or, you can e-mail Steve at the address below and leave your contact details (contact name; company name and basic information on why you need the audit) and he will contact you with further information by return e-mail within twenty four hours. The e-mail address to use to find out more about the audit service is:

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Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC)  -  One Day Course

To assist operators to keep up to date and compliant we provide a one-day Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC) that can be presented ‘in-company’ to up to five delegates for a single day rate fee of £455.00 + VAT (this is a single fee covering one days attendance for up to five delegates, potentially breaking down to a fee per delegate of only £91.00 + VAT!). This course can be provided on a date (including weekends) and at a venue provided by and to suit the operator, anywhere within mainland Great Britain.

The course and the structure we provide is particularly popular with operators’ that have entered into an undertaking with the Traffic Commissioner to refresh their knowledge of their operator licence obligations. Attendance is relevant to directors, partners, sole traders and all staff, irrespective of their job description.

If you need to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner, to either ensure that you are granted an operators’ licence, or after you have attended a preliminary hearing or following being called up to public inquiry, we can provide the appropriate course and certificates to independently confirm this.

Transport Managers (Standard Licence) / Responsible Persons (Restricted Licence) – Two Day Transport Manager Refresher Course

We work closely with transport managers who have been nominated on standard licences and also with persons with responsibility for continuous and effective management of the transport of an authorised restricted licence.  It is essential that persons in this role ensure that their knowledge of the industry we’re involved in and the many rules and regulations we must comply with are understood.

An increasingly popular in-house course/workshop that we provide is the two-day Transport Manager Refresher Course/Workshop, at a venue supplied by the client for up to five delegates (for a single fee of £765.00 + VAT covering two days attendance for up to five delegates). Attendance on this course is suitable to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner at a preliminary hearing or at public inquiry.

It is expected by the Commissioner’s that persons in a transport management role ensure their knowledge is up to date and attending this course is a good way of confirming this.

The course covers all the topics within the one-day Operator Licence Awareness Course in even greater detail and then time is spent working through every aspect of the responsibilities and obligations of managing a goods vehicle operator licence in detail, with particular focus on ‘continuous and effective management of the transport’.

Tailored training  - focussed on quality of content, rather than time spent in the classroom

Should your operation be such that a specially tailored bespoke training course would be of benefit to you we would be keen to help.  We have recently put together a series of ‘understanding and awareness’ courses that run for no more than two hour per session that have been taken up by several well known operator’s , to enable them to both induct and refresh their staff on important aspects of the operator licence compliance. We believe these short sharp and informative sessions, that can be gone through at an appropriate time within the working day, are of far more benefit than sitting through seven hour sessions that must focus more on time spent, rather than the quality of the content and the training provided.

Furthermore, the content within out ‘toolbox talks’ can be dealt with in a manner the trainer feels is appropriate for the particular employees attending and can be updated and amended as required, without recourse to produce a completely new course pack.

Nonetheless, we can and do design, produce and, if required, submit for approval any course that comes within an approving bodies syllabus criteria. We are an approved Driver CPC training centre (No: AC00184) and our trainers are approved to provide Driver CPC approved periodic training, if required by the client.  Contact Steve Williams to arrange a no obligation meeting to go through your own particular requirements, by e-mailing

Partner providers - Truck UK is a totally independent service provider organisation that only employs specialist and experienced staff who know the industry that they are involved in. When clients require expertise that Truck UK does not possess we source other top quality organisations who we continuously monitor and audit, thereby acting as guarantors to you for their services.  

We are approved training providers through the UK Rural Skills Centre and are becoming increasingly involved in the provision of training courses to goods vehicle operators from the farming community. 

All our first aid and wellbeing services are provided and presented by Deborah Slator, through Fenland First Aid Services (FFA), who are recognised as experts in their particular field.  Throughout 2016 we will be providing manual handling training for all, presented on behalf of Truck UK by James Copeman  of FFA . We work with Jeff Marsh of CJM Training and Transport Consultancy Ltd. to ensure that our OCR Transport Manager Courses are to the highest standard and another top quality and industry recognised provider we employ is Brian Szukala of TKnP Ltd. who continually audits and assesses our services, as an independent expert, to ensure we only provide the best and most up to date services to all our clients.  

We believe that our best practice approach of only providing quality services that can be trusted is the reason we have been able to build up our retained client base, year on year.

Why not get in touch and see if we can work together in 2016?

For further information FREEPHONE 0800 644 87 87

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Truck UK is proud to be a member of the Freight Transport Association - FTA (member number 204096) and we support the policies of the Road Haulage Association (RHA). We recommend that all our clients who operate vehicles specified on a goods vehicle licence join at least one of the two leading trade associations, to ensure that their voice is heard, with regard to the rules and regulations that relate to the domestically based goods vehicle operator. Domestic and European government recognise both the FTA and the RHA as representing the UK haulier. So, if you want your voice heard you must be prepared to support the associations that work on your behalf and of all who operate goods vehicles from within the United Kingdom.

For further information contact Truck UK on FREEPHONE 0800 644 87 87