Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC)

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When was the last time you or your transport manager/appointed person invested in continuous professional development, by attending any type of refresher training?

Do you and/or other staff need to attend a one-day Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC), to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner? 

            ……………………. we can provide you with such a course.

Truck UK are unique, in that we can provide an intensive one day Operator Licence Awareness Course ‘in-house’ and utilising your own company procedures, thereby giving you both an opportunity to refresh and update the knowledge of those that require it, while at the same time providing an independent check of your existing practice and procedures.

This one-day course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) as a short course that members of CILT can gain 5.5 hours CPD credits by attending.

Attendance at this course is also deemed satisfactory and appropriate to fulfil an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner by authorised operators, or prospective operators.

Transport Manager CPC Refresher Training

STC TM No32014-04-25 12.05.32

Two-day Transport Manager Refresher Course

We are providers of an  in-depth and intensive two-day Transport Manager Refresher Course, that is deemed as satisfactory and appropriate to fulfil a Public Inquiry/Preliminary Hearing undertaking requirement.  The course content covers all areas that transport managers (standard licences) and responsible persons (restricted licences) should be aware of and understand.

If you or your company is ‘called up’ by the Traffic Commissioner, due to some issues with your existing operator licence, or concerns raised when you apply for a licence regarding possible compliance issues or non-compliance, there is every chance that you and/or your nominated Transport Manager(s) / responsible person(s) will be expected to attend a refresher course of some description, to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner that those responsible for safety and compliance are up to date on the rules and regulations.

The two day transport manager / responsible person refresher course is set at a fee of £895.00 + VAT and includes an opportunity for the Transport Manager(s)/responsible person(s), as well as any other within an organisation who should have an awareness of effective and compliant transport (including road risk management), to get themselves completely up to date and also put together amended or new procedures and training plans, with the assistance of our specialist compliance advisers.

What’s more, we believe that the two courses provide far more worthwhile, in-depth and useful information than any other courses presently available anywhere else.

Know what you need – If you do find yourself needing to fulfil an undertaking to attend such training, make sure that you understand fully what the Commissioner expects you to learn during this course attendance, by discussing it with your advocate (i.e. the Transport Solicitor that represented you) at the time of the Public Inquiry (PI).

When you receive the ‘decision letter’ from the Traffic Commissioners Office outlining the decisions arrived at and an explanation of any undertakings entered into don’t file it away and forget about it! Make sure you sit down and read through the ‘decision letter’ carefully and take particular note of any timescale laid down for the undertakings to be fulfilled and for the Traffic Commissioner to be notified.  You must ensure that you understand exactly what is expected of you before making any decisions.

‘Limited entity’ – If the holder of the operator licence is a limited entity, irrespective as to who has day to day responsibility for transport,  the communication from the traffic commissioners office will normally be addressed to ‘the directors’. If the operator licence is a standard licence a further communication will normally be received by the transport manager(s) named on the licence. But, if the licence is a ‘restricted’ licence  ‘the directors’ will be the only ones notified.  So, in this situation it’s vital that whoever opens the letter makes sure they discuss it with all those within the organisation who are involved in the control and management of the transport.

‘Partnership’ – as above, named partners must understand what the Traffic Commissioner expects of them and their named transport manager(s)/responsible person(s) and act accordingly.

‘Sole trader’ – a licence held by a sole trader usually means one person has overall responsibility for the licence, unless they have a standard licence and employ a named transport manager or managers to assist them.

Which ever of the above you come under don’t ever forget that whatever is contained in the decision letter is what was agreed between the Traffic Commissioner and the Operator.  Any undertakings or declarations made on the day must be adhered to and if there are timescales shown they must be kept within.

Fulfilling an undertaking entered into with the Traffic Commissioner

The ‘decision letter’  is in effect a written confirmation of the contract made between the Commissioner and yourself; your partners; your limited entity company, that you must fulfil to ensure no further action is taken against your licence in relation to the matters raised at preliminary hearing/pubic inquiry, or to ensure your licence application can progress.  If you are in any doubt whatsoever as to what you need to do or you don’t understand the wording of the decision letter the first thing you must do is contact the caseworker that dealt with the administration of your case, on behalf of the Commissioner. They are normally the person that has sent the letter out to you on behalf of the Commissioner.

If you fail to fulfil the undertakings you can be assured that further and much stronger action will be taken against your operator licence and possibly the operator (you, the partnership, the limited entity)  and the nominated transport manager or managers.

As stated above, there will most likely be specific dates and/or maximum periods of time laid down that indicate when an undertaking must be carried out or completed. These are important dates and must be adhered to if you are to avoid a further visit to the Commissioners office.

As specialist providers of independent compliance audits and management training (as required to comply with Public Inquiry undertakings) we are aware of what is expected by the Commissioners and therefore we can work closely with operators/clients to ensure that compliance is brought up to the level expected by the Commissioner’s.

So, as soon as you receive the letter as outlined above, get in contact with us and we will help you understand what is needed and then put together a plan of action to ensure you fulfil your undertakings and we can guarantee that you will see tangible improvements in your compliance levels and administration, which if implemented and followed will not only improve your compliance, but also reduce your overall costs.

You can be assured that our staff are conscious of confidentiality and any information or documentation that they are given access to will not be discussed, outside of your operation. Our service will always include the provision of recommendations for improvements to your existing procedures, if appropriate, including providing templates etc.

For further information please e-mail: at any time and we will get back to you within 24 hours.